Discover Serry, Egypt's premier luxury sustainable resort, boasting ecologically-friendly architecture seamlessly integrated with nature. Our unwavering commitment to renewable energy, water conservation, and marine life protection is reinforced by the use of locally sourced materials, sustainable technology, and minimal waste.

Serry prioritizes environmental stewardship through the implementation of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. This ensures that our operations adhere to the highest standards, focusing on energy efficiency, waste reduction, and emissions control. Additionally, our Travelife Sustainability System Gold Class certification and participation in the Green Star Hotel Program showcase our dedication to international sustainability standards.

Efficient water management is a core focus at Serry. Our comprehensive approach includes regular monitoring and analysis of water consumption, utilization of water-efficient fixtures, and investment in an onsite seawater desalination plant to meet drinking water needs.

Serry employs advanced wastewater management strategies, utilizing treated water for landscape irrigation and implementing sewage disposal through proprietary sewage plants. Grease interceptors and plans for landscape drip irrigation systems further contribute to responsible wastewater practices.

In our pursuit of energy efficiency, Serry monitors electricity consumption, employs low-energy lighting, and utilizes key card activation for room power. Collaborating with environmental and energy advisory firms such as EACOM EDAW and the Fraunhofer Institute underscores our commitment to exploring sustainable energy solutions.

Serry is actively planning three environmental projects, including transitioning to city gas for kitchen use, adopting solar hot water, and employing energy-efficient boilers. Ongoing infrastructure upgrades prioritize energy efficiency, positioning Serry at the forefront of sustainable development.

Our waste management initiatives involve recycling organic waste, green waste, and construction debris across all developments. Guest recycling bins are strategically placed, and a focus on biogas combined heat and power from food waste showcases our commitment to responsible waste practices.

Serry aligns with the Hurghada Environment Protection and Conservation Association to preserve local ecology, implementing native plant species, drought-tolerant landscaping, and organic fertilizers. Our commitment extends to protecting animals and endangered species, exemplified by our partnership with the Red Sea Reserves Authority.

Serry actively contributes to local community development by sponsoring charitable events and encouraging team members to dedicate time to support various causes. Weekly cultural talks and events foster a dialogue on important topics, while partnerships with organizations like the Misr El Kheir foundation aim to prevent blindness and promote eye health in underserved areas.